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Advertising Rates

A cost effective way to reach thousands of potential clients. 
Promote your company in Ajobs.co.uk


Banner Adverts

There are three possibilities:

  • Your Banner will be featured on a prominent position on the ajobs.co.uk home page.
    The price for this option is 395 per annum.

  • Your Banner will be featured on a specified job discipline category of your choice e.g. 'Business & Finance'. The price for this option is 295 per annum.

  • Your Banner will be featured on a sub-category of your choice within a discipline category e.g. the 'Accountancy' sub-category of the 'Business & Finance' discipline.  The price for this option is 135 per annum.

Special Category Listing

Your listing and logo will appear at one of the top three positions in any category or sub-category of your choice (depending on availability). The price for this is 95 per annum.


Normal Category Listing

Your listing will appear in alphabetical order under relevant category/sub-category. The price for this is 30 per annum.


Example of normal listing:

Leed Recruitment Ltd

Leed Recruitment Ltd are a specialist UK recruitment consultancy, providing a comprehensive range of recruiting and job search services. Builds strong relationships with both Clients and Applicants in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design, IT, New Media and Printing industries.


Please note the boxes here are for illustration purposes only.


Discount - Multiple Adverts/Listing 
20% discount is applicable if more than one advert or listing is purchased. 
A further
30% discount is offered when subscribing for two years at the time of order.


The following illustrates how the discounting works. Let's assume that you wish to purchase a banner advert placed in a job discipline category and two sub-category listings:


Banner advert per annum = 395 (Home Page)

2 x category listing @ 95 = 190

Total = 585


Applying 20% (multiple advertising) discount on 585 = 468 per annum


If a two year subscription is taken at the time of purchase then the price is calculated as follows:


468 x 2 = 936

Applying 30% discount on 936, the total price payable for two years = 655.

i.e. 936 - 281 = 655



For a large scale advertising, please contact the sales team on:


E-mail: info@ajobs.co.uk  


Tel: 078 4242 6688







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